Labex Workshop on Cytoskeleton and Tissue Mechanics – 2016

April 18th-20th, 2016 / Institut Curie, Curie Amphitheater, 11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris S. Miserey-Lenkei, G. Montagnac, D. Vignjevic

The general objective of the Cytoskeleton and Tissue Mechanics Labex workshop is to understand the role of the cytoskeleton in tissue mechanics at different levels: molecular, cellular and in the living organism. It will provide introductions to the main cytoskeleton networks as well as to the main knowledge in force generation and tissue mechanics and will cover general mechanisms of cytoskeleton functions, in the organization and the maintenance of tissue shape and mechanics in different conditions, systems and organs : during development, on monolayers, in gut homeostasis, in cancer and in the brain.

8th Cytoskeleton course poster

The Cytoskeleton and Tissue Mechanics Labex Workshop will take place on April 18th-20th and is open to everyone  upon registration (in the limit of available seats).

International speakers will give a 1h talk, and short talks selected from abstracts will be given by participants. Other participants will present posters in 3 poster sessions.

Click on the link below to see the full program:

8th Cytoskeleton Course, April 18th-20th program

The Workshop is full, registrations are closed.

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