Funded projects

Auxin-based conditional protein-protein interaction

2016 - D. Fachinetti (UMR144), G. Van Niel (team Raposo UMR144), F. Verweij (team Raposo UMR144)

Develop a system to reversibly induce conditional protein-protein dimerization in living cells with rapid kinetics and adaptability to in vivo systems by adapting the Auxin Inducible Degron (AID) system. This will enable the simulation of protein-protein interaction a any phase of the cell cycle and within any compartment of the cell.

1. Cloning proteins of interest with auxin interacting domains

2. Proof-of-principle of the system: probing chrolatin dynamics and preventing exosome secretion


  • Auxin-inducible degron system
  • Cloning
  • Genome editing and transgenesis
  • In vivo applications (zebrafish)

Keywords: protein-protein interaction, single-molecule tool, chromatin dynamics/architecture, exosome secretion, transgenic development