Cell Motility Course 2015

12/01/2015 - 02/02/2015 / Amphithéâtre Curie, Institut Curie, 11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Timo Betz

Cell motility is a key process required for development, immune response and cancer invasion. The course is organized to first give a detailed summary of the different motility modes and the processes involved. The goal is to combine the biological background with physical approaches to understand the details of cell motility and its implication in the different biological functions.

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The goal of this interdisciplinary class is to give an overview of the foundations of the biological function of cell motility and the associated physical descriptions, as well as currently emerging research themes related to immune response, wound healing, cancer invasion and development.

The course has 2 modules:

A) An interdisciplinary class of 2.5h per week (Monday, 9h30-12h) taught by a team of 1 biologist and 1 physicist, including a 30 minutes Journal club that takes place directly after the course.
B) An international workshop taking place after the last course (23-25/3/2015), where we invite 6 international experts in 3 main subjects to give 2h of lecture each. This is complemented by a selection of talks given by the participants. All participants are invited to present a poster. We expect the students of the course to participate in the workshop and we will open the workshop up to international participants, free of charge.

This course is organized in partnership with the Doctoral School 474 – Frontières du Vivant & PSL.


12/01/2015: 1. Introduction to the big question related to cell motility
Teacher: Timo Betz

19/01/2015: 2. Actin polymerisation and actomyosin force productions
Teachers: Cécile Sykes, Julie Plastino

26/01/2015: 3. To adhere or not to adhere? Friction based cell motility
Teachers: Matthieu Piel, Raphael Voituriez

02/02/2015: 4. Cell migration in immune response
Teachers: Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil, Paolo Maiuri

09/02/2015: 5. Collective cell migration, mechanics and signaling
Teachers : Pascal Silberzan, Maria Carla Parrini

16/02/2015: 6. Polarisation in Migration
Teachers : Philippe Chavrier, Olivia du Roure

23/02/2015: 7. Spreading and migration of cellular aggregates, tissue colonization
Teachers: Françoise Brochard, Sylvie Dufour

02/02/2015: 8. Cell invasion in cancer
Teachers: Timo Betz, Danijela Vignjevic

The class contains a 30’ minute journal club, given by selected participants. The distribution of subjects will take place during the first class.

This class is open for interested participants from all different level, starting from master and PhD students up to PostDoc and permanent researchers. Any interested scientist from the Labex, the Institut Curie, PSL or any other research institute is welcome to join. Courses will be in English.