CelTisPhyBio Groundbreaking Meeting

July 8th, 2019 / Amphithéâtre Constant Burg - Institut Curie. 12 rue Lhomond - 75005 Paris LabEx Celtisphybio

Time: 9h30 – 12h30 followed by lunch in the Green Café

The LabEx Celtisphybio is organizing a half-day technology transfer meeting with short talks on different types of “technology transfer success stories” at different stages and in different realms of the technology transfer (i.e. patents, industry collaborations, start-ups). Following the talks there will be focus groups on different tech transfer related topics (why and how to patent, how to start your own business, how to initiate collaborations with the industry and how to apply for tech transfer related funding). Raphael Rodriguez (UMR3666), Franck Perez (UMR144), Mohamed El Beheiry (UMR168, Nathalie Amzallag (U932), Cecile Campagne (Curie Tech Transfer Office) and Amine Naimi (Curie Tech Transfer Office) will be speaking and running the focus group sessions.

In 2016, the LabEx CelTisPhybio launched a “gound-breaking” funding call for collaborative projects bringing together at least 3 teams from the LabEx and with a high risk/high gain perspective. The goal was to support truly innovative projects, going well beyond the current state-of-the-art and potentially at a stage difficult to fund through conventional grants. Five projects were funded which have been key in bringing teams together, leveraging the interdisciplinarity of the LabEx and developing breakthrough innovative approaches. This half-day meeting is aimed at providing an update on the progress of these projects since their launch in 2016.

Preliminary Program:

  • 9h30 – 10h How is cell size determined (CELLSIZE) – M. Bornens, JF. Joanny, C. Lamaze
  • 10h – 10h30: Probing chromosome mechanics and organization with intra-nuclear magnetic manipulation (ChroMag) – M. Dahan, D. Fachinetti, A. Coulon, V. Keizer

10h30 – 11h: Coffee Break

  • 11h – 11h30: Designer DNA nanodevices for measuring forces at nanoscale on membranes (DNA-ForceSensor) – L. Johannes, D. Bhaia, P. Bassereau, R. Rodriguez
  • 11h30 – 12h: Spatial and biochemical regulation of organelle identity (orgID) – M. Coppey, F. Perez, P. Sens
  • 12h – 12h30: Recapitulation of spatial constraints on neocortical stem cells: impact on cell fate and mitotic accuracy (StemDivPhys) – A. Baffet, C. Villard, V. Mathiens