Funded projects

Designer DNA nanodevices for measuring forces at nanoscale on membranes (DNA-ForceSensor) – Groundbreaking Project

2016 - L. Johannes (coordinator; UMR3666), D. Bhaia (team Johannes UMR3666), P. Bassereau (UMR168), R. Rodriguez (UMR3666)

Develop novel force sensors to measure such fluctuation forces operating at nanoscales on membranes using DNA-based nanomachines coupled to Shiga toxin (or other membrane proteins) using single molecule FRET as a readout.

1. Develop DNA-based force sensors to measure lateral attractive forces at nanoscales on membranes

2. Theoretical and computational modeling for optimization of DNA designs

3. Quantitative predictions to calibrate senors

4. Coupling of DNA nanomachines to specific sites using CLICK chemistry

5. Use of force sensors on giant unilamellar vesicles

6. Use of force sensors on PM of living cells


  • DNA nanodevices: quantitative measurement of physical properties
  • CLICK chemistry: efficient coupling between proteins and DNA
  • Giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) and micropipette aspiration: force analysis for single molecules
  • Single molecule FRET
  • Force measurements in living cells

Keywords: physics and chemistry-based tools, biomimetics, membrane dynamics