Funded projects

Explore the architecture of human centromeres and its influence on the maintenance of genome stability

2017 - D. Fachinetti (UMR144), Lumicks

Investigate the chromosomal architecture of human centromeres, and the components that are required for its maintenance in physiological conditions and ascertain how genetic or physical manipulation of the centromere architecture affects chromosome integrity.

1. Characterize the architecture of human centromeres using a single molecule approach

2. Test and probe centromeric secondary structures using small molecules

3. Assess the importance of DNA topology at centromere for maintaining centromere identity, function and integrity

Methods/technologies involved:

  • C-Trap (Lumicks): high-resolution optical tweezers and STED imaging and microfluidics
  • Genome editing
  • Auxin-induced degron system
  • Time-lapse microscopy
  • ChIP co-FISH

Keywords: chromatin dynamics/architecture, single-molecule analysis and tools, microfluidic tools