Funded projects

Formation and propagation of renal cysts: study in biomimetic tubular systems

2015 - S. Coscoy (team Silberzan UMR168), S. Descroix (team Viovy UMR168)

Investigate the dynamic multicellular organization of the renal epithelium involved in cyst generation in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), proliferation and planar polarity, in response to inherent geometrical constraints, acquired geometrical changes, and/or laminar flow disturbances.

1. Develop new biomimetic systems of deformable tubes under controlled flow reproducing kidney-on-chip.

2. Tubes will be lined with cell models for the diseases, which exhibit altered multicellular organization in 2D systems.

3. Long-term imaging of these tubes will be performed in order to study, under different geometry / flow / compression : (1) global tube deformation, (2) cell morphology and orientation, (3) proliferation, (4) F-actin cytoskeleton reorganization.


  • Biomimetic microfluidic systems: “kidney on chip” to study the effects of flow, compression and cell orientation
  • FUCCI and Lifeact transgenic cell lines
  • Theoretical modeling
  • Collaboration with clinicians: disease modeling
  • Long-term live imaging

Keywords: cyst formation, biomimetics, microfluidics tools, mechanical constraints