Funded projects

How is cell size determined (CELLSIZE) – Groundbreaking Project

2016 - M. Bornens (coordinator; UMR144), JF. Joanny (team Sens UMR168), C. Lamaze (UMR3666)

Cell size sensing does not rely on DNA-binding protein titration but on a cytoplasmic mechanism directly involved in cell sizing.

1. Build a theoretical model of the centromere (CTR) to account for the stability of this membrane-less organelle that would also account for its role in cell size homeostasis.

2. Re-investigate by video-lens free microscopy and robust statistics, the cell response to CTR ablation, or to any other perturbation of the tubulin-based active network, on cell size

3. Quantify PM transport and caveolae response in CTR-less cells


  • CTR-less cells: MT assembly in immortalized diploid hTERT-RPE1 cells treated with centrinone
  • Lens-free microscopy: quantify and classify bio-physical phenotypes within large populations of cultured cells
  • siRNA, Crispr/Cas9: analysis of caveolae/CAV1

Keywords: cell size, intracellular transport, biomimetics