Funded projects

Influence of matrix stiffening on tumor cell invasion

2016 - M. Verhulsel (team Viovy UMR168), Y. Attieh (team Vignjevic UMR144)

Analyze the relative importance of ECM stiffness in cancer cell invasion using biomimetic tools, specifically, 3D in vitro culture models that offer the ability to decouple all parameters at play in cancer cell invasion. In vitro collagen cross-linking using threose will allow to significantly stiffen collagen matrices without interfering with the phenotype of cancer cells. The flexibility of this system will allow the identification of whether stroma gets activated prior or post-invasion.


  • 3D tumoroids grown on the new collagen cross-linker threose
  • Sub-micromete AFM rheology
  • Live imaging

Keywords: metastasis, mechanical constraints, 3D in vitro models