Funded projects

Integrin and aPKCi interplay in mammary epithelial cells during early steps of tumorigenesis

2017 - C. Rosse (team Chavrier UMR144), M. Romagnoli (team Glukhova UMR144)

Decipher the interplay between aPKCi and alpha6-integrin dring the loss of polarity and cell extrusion induced by aPKCi-overexpression in mammary luminal cells leading to a deeper understanding of the early stages of mammary tumorigenesis.

1. Impact of aPKCi overexpression on alpha6-integrin localization and expression in luminal cells using 3D mammary organoids

2. Role of alpha6-integrin in cell extrusion induced by aPKCi overexpression in luminal cells

3. In vivo analysis of the alpha6-integrin and aPKCi interplay inthe mammary epithelium using high-resolution intravital imaging using the nikon NiE A1R MP


  • 3D mammary organoids
  • Transgenic mouse models
  • Lentiviral transduction
  • High resolution intravital imaging

Keywords: tumorigenesis, cell polarity, 3D in vitro models