International Course on Cell Biology and Cancer – 2018

April 11-18 2018 / Institut Curie Amphitheater Marie Curie 11-13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 75005 Paris - France Danijela Vignjevic, Institut Curie, CNRS UMR144 - Guillaume Montagnac, Gustave Roussy Institute, Inserm U1009 - Stéphanie Miserey-Lenkei, Institut Curie, CNRS UMR14

The general objective of 1st Cell biology and Cancer course is to cover different topics in cell biology of cancer including cell division, migration and membrane trafficking at different levels: molecular, cellular and in the living organism. In addition, there will 2 dedicated sessions for Physics and Cancer; and tools for cancer cell biology.

PhD and Master 2 students for the first part. All researchers independently of the stage of their carrier are welcome for the second part.

24 participants will be selected among PhD and Master students of all nationalities on the basis of research interests and motivation statement to participate to both parts of the course. Successful completion of the course can count toward training hours (3ECTS or 20 hours) for French graduate schools such as “Complexité du Vivant” and “Frontières du Vivant” or 3 ECTS at Master program UPMC at Paris 6.
40 additional researchers will be selected for the second part of the course.
1 March 2018

Middle of March 2018

No registration fees are requested.
All lunches and 4 dinners will be provided by Institut Curie. There will be 10 fellowships to cover the cost of the accommodation in double rooms for the 8 nights (Wednesday April 11th-Thursday April 19th 2018). Participants’ home laboratories are responsible for covering travel expenses. We advise participants living outside Paris and its area to plan to arrive on Wednesday morning April 11th and depart not before Thursday April 19th morning.

  • Cell division
  • Cell migration and Invasion
  • Membrane trafficking
  • Physics of cancer
  • Chemistry and optogenetic tools

Program details:

On Saturday we will organize a workshop on carrier development when plan to invite 3-4 speakers that are currently working at non-academic settings. In addition, one evening will be dedicated to “life and science” session when the international speakers will join students over dinner to talk about their life in science, their achievements and their failures, good and bad about moments in their carrier.
Each participant will give a 10 minute oral presentation of his/her work (maximum 3 power point slides) and he/she will have 5 minutes to answer questions

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