International Chair

Jaume Casademunt, University of Barcelona

March 15th - June 30th 2016

Jaume Casademunt is a professor of physics at the University of Barcelona. His research background includes expertise in non-linear and non-equilibrium statistical physics, in particular in fluctuation phenomena, pattern formation, and fluid dynamics. In the last decade his research been directed towards the application of the concepts and tools of the above disciplines to biological problems, with special attention to collective, self-organized phenomena. Recent research contributions include the areas of: (i) Mechanics of epithelial tissues; (ii) Molecular motors and intracellular traffic; (iii) Membrane-cortex adhesion and bleb formation; (iv) Actin-based cell motility; and (v) Dynamics of cultured neuronal networks. His most recent interests are focused on modeling and understanding collective cell migration and tissue mechanics in epithelia from a hydrodynamic point of view. From a more fundamental point of view, he is also interested in understanding the nature of instabilities and turbulence in active media.