Molecular Oncology

François Radvanyi
Scientific keywords: bladder cancer, epigenetics, mouse models, retinoblastoma, “omics” data
Technics Used in the Lab: Bioinformatic analysis of large scale “omics” data Molecular biology: RT-QPCR, sequencing, pyrosequencing, MethyLight Cell culture: siRNA transfection, shRNA infection, proliferation assay, migration/invasion assay, soft agar assay, immunocytochemistry Biochemistry: Elisa, western-blot, ChIP, IP, immunohistochemistry

The goal of our team is to identify new genes involved in tumor progression and to characterized their role, mechanisms and the origin of their deregulation (genetic or epigenetic). We are mainly focused on bladder carcinoma but also worked since few years on breast carcinoma and retinoblastoma. Our strategy relies on annotated banks of human tumors samples for which we analyzed all the “omic’s data”. We started initially with transcriptomic and genomic data and we are now integrating methylomic and proteomic data and more recently mutation data thanks to next generation sequencing. To validate our results and to develop preclinical models useful to test drugs, we also develop and characterize mouse models of tumors. Our approach is multiparametric/multidisciplinary and relies on close collaborations between biologists, clinicians, pathologists, statisticians and bioinformaticians within the team or with other teams. It will bring new insights on tumor biology but since it is directly linked to human tumor analysis, it will also have diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic applications.