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Scientific Advisory Board

Marileen Dogterom

Marileen Dogterom

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


Marcos Gaitan Gonzales

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Paul Janmey

Paul Janmey

University of Pennsylvania, USA

David Pellman

David Pellman

Harvard University, USA


Samuel Safran

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Steering Commitee

Isabelle Bonnet

UMR168, team Silberzan/Buguin “Biology Inspired Physics at Mesoscales”, Lecturer in Physics at Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Sylvie Coscoy

UMR168, team Silberzan/Buguin, Stability and Dynamics of Epitheliums

Patricia Bassereau

LabEx Scientific Coordinator – UMR168, team “Membranes and Cellular Functions”

Ludger Johannes

UMR3666/U1143 Director, team “Endocytic Trafficking and Intracellular Delivery”

Bruno Goud

Bruno Goud

LabEx Scientific Coordinator – UMR144 Director, team “Molecular Mechanisms of Intracellular Transport”
Interim Director of the Institut Curie Research Center

Lionel Larue

UMR3347/U1021, team “Normal and Pathological Development of Melanocytes”

Daniel Levy

UMR168, team “Molecular Microscopy of Membranes”

Jean Salamero

UMR144, team “Space-time Imaging of Cellular Dynamics of Organelles and Endomembranes”

Kristine Schauer

UMR144, team Goud, Structure-function Relationship of Cell architecture

David Lacoste

UMR7083, team”Statical Biophysics”, Gulliver Laboratory, ESPCI

Project Management

Fanny Gascuel – LabEx manager

Shauna Katz – Manager for Tech transfer

Chloé Dupuis – Administrative support