Funded projects

Probing chromosome mechanics and organization with intra-nuclear magnetic manipulation (ChroMag) – Groundbreaking Project

2016 - M. Dahan (coordinator; UMR168), D. Fachinetti (UMR144), A. Coulon (UMR168/UMR3664)

A groundbreaking method combining advanced magnetic micromanipulation techniques with CRISPRCas9/ TALE technologies to mechanically manipulate specific genomic loci at the single cell level in living cells.

1. Biophysical properties of interphase chromosomes (nuclear rheology, entropic elasticity of chromosomes, fluctuation-dissipation relationship)

2. Manipulate the interphase genome to probe its architecture and function (genome conformatin, DNA damage, gene expression)

3. Assess chromosome segregation and post-mitotic nuclear organization by perturbing chromosome positions (chromosome segregation, post-mitotic organization, centromere function)


  • Genome engineering: Tale and dCas9 conjugated to fluorophores or magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs)
  • Nuclear membrane tethering: lac / tet system to anchor genomic loci to the nuclear periphery (LacI / TetR fused to lamina interacting domain)
  • Highthroughput single molecule fish (multicolor)
  • Magnetic micromanipulation
  • Magnetic nanoparticles

Keywords: chromatin dynamics/architecture, single molecule analysis and tools