Funded projects

Recapitulation of spatial constraints on neocortical stem cells: impact on cell fate and mitotic accuracy (StemDivPhys) – Groundbreaking Project

2016 - A. Baffet (coordinator: UMR144), C. Villard (team Villard UMR168), V. Marthiens (team Basto UMR144)

Develop novel biophysical tools to recapitulate the space constraints and compartmentalization faced by individual neural stem cells to investigate the contribution of cortical tension on spindle robustness and to physically isolate neural stem cell cytoplasmic processes and investigate polarized trafficking mechanisms.

1. Microfluidics based physical isolation of neural stem cell cytoplasmic processes to identify and characterise the polarised fate determinants that are specifically localized in the basal process of neural stem cells.

2. Impact of mechanical constraints on neural stem cell mitosis


  • Primary culture of embryonic neural stem cells in vitro: expansion of pure self-renewing embryonic neural stem cells on adhesive substrates
  • Microfluidics: isolation of basal process
  • Micropatterns: constraining and imposing asymmetry
  • RNA-seq
  • Mass spec
  • FISH

Keywords: cellular trafficking, cell polarity, microfluidic tools, mechanical contraints, mitosis