Funded Scientists

Frances Edwards – Post-doc 2019-2019 , Team Basto (UMR144) Investigating the link between centrosome number alterations and response to chemotherapy in human Epitelial Ovarian Cancers (hEOCs)

Thanh Nguyen Ho Bouldoires – Post-doc 2019-2019 , Team Farge (UMR168) Magnetic targeting and ultrasonic release of the inhibitors of the mice colon mechanotransductive tumorigenic pathways in vivo

Thomas Vourc’h – Post-doc 2018-2019, Team Silberzan (UMR168)
Impact of the nematic organization of fibroblasts on their coexistence with populations of cancer cells.

Gehenna L Guerrero – Post-doc 2018-2019, Team Goud (UMR144)
RAB6 GTP-ase in polarized secretion.

Ilker Efe – Post-doc 2019, Team Joanny/Sens (UMR168)
Variation of the cell volume induced by ablation of the centrosome.

Gulvady Ranjit Shiva – Post-doc 2019, Team Bassereau (UMR168)
Measuring forces between membrane proteins with DNA-ForceSensor.

Renaud Chabrier – PhD student 20218-2019, Team Janke (UMR3348)
Drawing and life sciences: from a fundamental relationship to new researches for scientific research and transmission.

Anne-Sophie Macé – Platform engineer Image analysis 2018-2020

Malinda Raj – Post-doc 2018-2019, Team Basto (UMR144)
Unravelling the contribution of Cep89 to human ovarian cancers.

Simon De Beco – Post-doc 2017-2019, Team Dahan (UMR168)
Single cells process signals of polarity during their migration.

Veer Keizer – Post-doc 2017-2019, Team Dahan (UMR168)
Probing chromosome mechanics and organization with intra-nuclear magnetic manipulation.

Jose Ignacio Valenzuela – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Perez (UMR144)
Targeting the intracellular trafficking of Epha2 and Ephrina1 during carcinogenesis.

Lia Domingues – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Raposo (UMR144)
Mechano-sensing role of caveolae in the skin.

Karl Petersen – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Houdusse (UMR144)
Mechanics of Myo6: regulation and function.

Dhiraj Bhatia – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Johannes (UMR3666/U1143)
Monofunctionalized DNA nanodevices to probe clathrin independent endocytosis.

Florian Chardon – Engineer 2017-2018, Team Fachinetti (UMR144)
Interactions of centromere proteins.

Sudarshan Gadadhar – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Janke (UMR3348)
Control of ciliary stability and functions by tubulin glycylation – mechanisms and physiological implications.

Corentin Peyret – Engineer 2017-2019, Team Baffet (UMR144)
Creating microfluidic tools to recapitulate the space constraints faced by neural stem cells and investigate the contribution of cortical tension on spindle robustness.

Sonia Aguera Gonzalez – Post-doc 2017-2018, Team Chavrier (UMR144)
DNA damage-generating stress experienced by tumor cells within the microinvasive foci and its contributionto the invasive switch of breast cancers.

Aurélie Magniez – Engineer 2017-2019, Team Perié (UMR168)

Joanna Podkalicka – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Bassereau (UMR168)
A new function for caveolin in the active transport of sphingolipids to the plasma membrane – role in pathophysiology.

Nagagireesh Bojanala – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Sykes (UMR168)
Role of acto‐myosin based force production in cell invasion in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Sergio Rincon – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Tran/Paoletti (UMR144)
Kinesin‐5 dependent and independent mechanisms for spindle assembly.

Guido Uguzzoni – Engineer 2016-2017, Team Isambert
Development of an open access online server for robust reconstruction of causal networks from large scale genomic data.

Mohamed El Beheiry – Engineer 2016-2017, Team Dahan (UMR168)
Development of a software platform for 3D bioimaging data visualization and analysis with new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Laure Coquand – Engineer 2016-2017, Team Baffet (UMR144)

Ishutesh Jain – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Tran/Paoletti (UMR144)
The role of spindle scaling in chromosome segregation.

Kathiresan Natarajan – Post-doc 2016, Team Janke (UMR3348)
Modelling the molecular components of the tubulin code.

Xavier Heiligenstein – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Raposo (UMR144)
High Space-time resolution correlative light and electron microscopy.

Imei Yu – Post-doc 2016, Team Houdusse (UMR144)
Structural and functional studies of RK6, a mitotic kinesin and prime target for cancer therapy.

Reinaldo Garcia-Garcia – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Lacoste (ESPCI)
Universal fluctuations of protein numbers and cell growth.

César Valades – Post-doc 2016-2017, Team Johannes (UMR3666/U1143)
Global imaging of endocytic events.

Fanny Cayrac – Platform engineer Molecular Biology & Cells 2016-2019+

Victor Yashunsky – Post-doc 2015-2016/2017, Team Silberzan (UMR168)
Cellular and supracellular architectures: the many ways to expore the third dimension.

Alessia Castagnino – Post-doc 2015-2016, Team Chavrier (UMR144)
Role of the polarity protein IQGAP1 in a mechanotransduction-based mechanism of tumor cell invasion in 3D tissues.

Jens-Christian Roeper – Post-doc 2015-2016, Team Farge (UMR168)
Beta-catenin primary mechano-sensing in vivo.

Ajay Kumar Mahalka – Post-doc 2015-2016, Team Bassereau (UMR168)
Effect of ABC transporter activity on their lateral diffusion and membrane curvature-induced redistribution.

Frederik Verweij – Post-doc 2014-2015/2016, Team Raposo (UMR144)
Revealing the physiology of exosome secretion in vivo by a 4D-imaging approach.

Marco Leoni – Post-doc 2014-2016, Team Joanny/Sens (UMR168)
Statistical properties of migrating cells: implications of substrate viscoelasticity, adhesion and chemoattractant.

Kalpana Mandal – Post-doc 2014-2015, Team Goud (UMR144)
Spatial mapping of intracellular viscoelastic properties on micropatterned substrates.

Domenik Liße – Post-doc 2014-2015, Team Dahan (UMR168)
Magnetogenetic control of cell migration.

Senthil Arumugam – Post-doc 2014, Team Johannes (UM3666/U1143)
Lipid Clustering and flow: role in sorting and scission.

Christine Bissig – Post-doc 2013-2014/2016, Team Raposo (UMR144)
Development of a minimal in vitro system of lipid membrane based amyloidogenesis.

Soumyananda Chakraborti – Post-doc 2013-2014, Team Janke (UMR3348)
Measuring the impact of tubulin heterogeneity on the biophysical properties of the microtubule cytoskeleton using fission yeast and microfluidics.

Ludovic Leconte – Platform engineer Imagery 2013-2014
Setup and development of Single Plane Illumination Microscopy for fast 3D imaging of large samples.

Grégory Beaune – Post-doc 2013-2014, Team Joanny/Sens (UMR168)
Collective migration of cells on soft substrates: traction force field map.