Funded projects

Revealing the physiology of exosome secretion in vivo by a 4D-imaging approach

2015 - F. Verweij (team Raposo UMR144)

Develop a unique transgenic-zebrafish model that expresses a recently developed fluorescent reporter that visualizes exosome secretion from living cells in vitro to study the release dynamics of exosomes in detail.

1. Development of the zebrafish strains and adaptation of imaging methods

2. Validation of the in vivo model

3. Mapping of exosome secretion in 4D

4. Application of the model to study exosome-communication in development, wound-healing and pathogenic processes


  • Light-sheet microscopy
  • CLEM
  • Electron microscopy
  • Super-resolution imaging (PALM) for single-vesicle trafficking
  • Genome editing / transgenic in vivo models
  • RUSH system

Keywords: exosomes, intracellular transport, membrane dynamics, transgenic development, cryoEM