Funded projects

Selective volumetric illuminaton microscopy (soSPIM-MFM)

2016 - B. Hajj (team Dahan UMR168), M. Dahan (UMR168)

This project aims to develop and combine cutting edge technologies in three dimensional imaging, to reach an effective way for live imaging single molecules in the volume of a cell by combining volumetric detection using multifocus microscopy (MFM) with selective plane illumination.

Possible applications in cellular context: (i) chromatin structure, (ii) dynamics of nuclear factors, (iii) intracellular transport, (iv) spatio-temporal organization of signaling molecules, (v) 4D cartography of intracellular molecules and organelles.


  • Combination of MFM volumetric imaging and soSPIM to image single molecules in dense and crowded environment at the single cell level
  • 3D imaging

Keywords: optical imaging tool, single molecule analysis and tool, chromatin architecture/dynamics, intracellular transport