Funded projects

Spatial and biochemical regulation of organelle identity (orgID) – Groundbreaking Project

2016 - M. Coppey (coordinator; team Dahan UMR168), F. Perez (UMR144), P. Sens (UMR168), B. Goud (UMR144)

Shed light on the physical and biochemical principles that integrate molecular interactions with material fluxes to define organelle identity. Combining acute perturbations on single cells and theoretical modeling to decipher the relative contribution of spatially dependent fluxes and biochemical interactions in defining organelle identity.

1. Ectopic nucleation of an organelle by molecular re-localization

2. Spatial separation of two organelles


  • Reversible protein-protein interaction manipulation (recruiting a protein to a specific endomembrane anchor and inducing the dimerization of an endomembrane anchor with a molecular motor) -chemical (FRB/FKBP, biotin/streptavidin) -optogenetic (iLiD dimerizers)
  • Theoretical modeling at the molecular and organelle levels

Keywords: biomechanical and biochemical regulation, organelle identity, optogenetic tools