Interdisciplinary workshop on Cellular Membranes

March 24-26th 2014 / Institut Curie Paris Timo Betz

Paris_Membrane_2014This interdisciplinary workshop has the goal to bring together biologists and physicists
interested in cellular membranes their function their quantitative description and their
interactions with the cell (During three focus session the 5 invited experts will provide in depth
training by giving lectures each that will span from general introduction to cutting edge
research results. We have typically a biologist and a physicist that work on similar questions for each session and we intend to attract participants from both disciplines (There will be extra time for
close discussions between participants and lecturers)

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Course on Cell Membranes 2014

Spring 2014 / Institut Curie, Paris organized by Timo Betz

Biological membranes are key structures in cell biology as they act as interface, information transmitters, mechanical support and gatekeeper. The whole course is organized to give the participants the biological background and the physical toolbox to understand and advance our current understanding of biological membranes.

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Course on Cell Mechanics 2013

Spring 2013 / Institut Curie, Paris organized by Timo Betz

This course will bring together physicists and biologists that are leading experts in the field of cell mechanics to teach the audience typical approaches to understand the implications of cell mechanics in cell function. The aim is to have in one session a biologist and physicist talking about the same subject, thus pointing out the different points of view of each discipline, the specific questions that are asked by each discipline and the way the questions are addressed. While learning the state of the art science in cell mechanics explained by a team of international experts, the audience will see the cultural differences, and the synergy effects that arise from interdisciplinary cooperation.

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