Joint meeting

WIS-Curie Biological Physics Days

May 28th - May 30th 2018 / Institut Curie, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Marie Curie Amphitheater, 75005 Paris Samuel Safran, Nir Gov, Elisha Moses, Maxime Dahan, Pascal Silberzan


This joint workshop aims at presenting the advancement and novel discoveries made in the field of Biological Physics, spanning all scales from molecules to cells to tissues to organisms, at the Institut Curie (and surrounding Institutions such as the ESPCI and ENS) and at the Weizmann Institute of Science since its last edition in 2015. The interface between Physics and Biology is an important and successful research axis for both Institutes. It has led to numerous collaborations between Curie and WIS research groups and this workshop will reflect the diversity of the research conducted in this field.


Notably, the intimate atmosphere of the workshop will enhance and support exchanges between the participants, promote open discussions and enable young scientists to interact with established experts in the field. Beyond being a forum for knowledge transfer, discussion and debate, the workshop aims to reinforce existing scientific collaborations and promote new ones thus strengthening the bond between these two world-renowned research institutions.



The organizing committee


Maxime Dahan, Curie

Nir Gov, WIS

Elisha Moses, WIS

Samuel Safran, WIS

Pascal Silberzan, Curie